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Winfield Community Center by Gabrielle Christman and Itzel Carrasco

How does your submission specifically respond to the needs of you and/or your community? Our community needs this building because there are many schools and families in this area. In my opinion our community needs a family friendly area for everyone to feel safe, be welcomed, and come together. We think that this building will showcase how amazing our town is and lift people's spirits in bad times.

How does your submission respond directly to the call to transform a space in your community? We think that this would be a good spot to place a building because it is an open field that hasn't been used in a very long time. This would be a good spot because there is some parking close and is big enough to create a fun filled area. I think that this building brings this community together. It helps bring people together by making a safe and fun environment. This building will showcase equality and will keep everyone on the right path. Kids/teens usually get in trouble when they are bored this building is full of things to do that everyone enjoys.

Why is your chosen medium the best way to showcase your submission? I have chosen this to present my submission in a visual way because we want people, to be able to picture what the building will look like. I think that doing dimensions and 2D visual shows, that we have a plan for the building and that we are committed to this idea.