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Winfield Butterfly Garden by Melanie Dawson and Natalie Doyle

Our butterfly garden responds directly to the call of transforming a space in our community because we have turned a empty lot into a relaxing, colorful garden. Our butterfly garden will provide benches, a path, and a greenhouse! We have specifically chosen plants and flowers that will mainly attract butterflies, hence the name. Winfield Butterfly Garden. Our garden responds directly to the needs of our community because most of the community parks are made for children, while this park can be for all ages. Helping with the diversity of our community. Our chosen medium is the best because it shows the lay out and representation of our project and how the community can interact with it. It represents the use this piece of land can provide for our community and how we can turn something that's small and unimportant into something great and beautiful. It also helps us see the potential in things that we think are useless ineffective. This why our park is the best representation for our submission.