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Naperville Cultural Center by Jonathan Chang

The City of Naperville is a very diverse city composed of many people from all over the world. A cultural center is much needed to represent the diversity of the community. This will be a place to learn about ones ethnic heritage and a place for the community to gather as one. Cultural exchanges and customs can serve as a building block to end racism and open ones mind to new insights. The shape of the building will be circular to represent unity. The building will be used to host various cultural events, serve as a community gathering place, a place for seniors and kids to gather, and also can be used for special events. There will be a gallery space for ethnic groups to showcase their artwork. There will be a multi-purpose room that can be used to host special guest lectures or can be used for any other events. I choose to represent my work using Google Maps, AutoCad, and SketchUp. These programs allow me to best represent my ideas and concepts. I enjoy using these because they may help me in a future career I might choose.