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Harold Washington Cultural Center Corridor Development by Cameron Foster

Bronzeville, one of the richest Chicago neighborhoods in African American history, is making a comeback. After decades of neglect, businesses and families are moving back into the neighborhood. The Harold Washington Cultural Center is one of the most prominent and is recognizable buildings in Bronzeville. Located on the corner of 47th and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the building is greatly underutilized and should be remodeled or re-imagined to bring more tourism and engage current residents of the neighborhood.It has artwork, old pictures, and other types of history regarding Bronzeville. The area around it makes it. Different types of events also go on there. In most mental maps of the people living in Bronzeville area, include the HWCC somewhere on it. There are a few restaurants around the same area as well, such as a upcoming popular area named Two Fish, a restaurant focusing on seafood, The Slice, a new pizzeria appearing in the neighborhood, as well as Tasteez, a cafe the serves sandwiches and desserts. As the cultural center of Bronzeville, Not enough events go on there. I think that it should try and take after other centers, but not exactly steal there exact cultures, but to make some of our own. We need to have more events happen in the HWCC. It is a huge building in Bronzeville and has a great cultural landscape around it. It is also a huge landmark in it?s area. The area around Bronzeville is one of the most populated places in all of chicago, making the HWCC easy to populate. Pull factors of remodeling the HWCC could be people wanting to move closer to it, because it brings more things to do in Bronzeville.