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Greene Farm Barn/ Pradle Arena by Matas Skucas, Micah Ramsey, and Turner Pahl

The Greene Barn has been an effectively obsolete location, ever since its use was halted. Its only redeeming quality is that the location lies near a forest. Our goal is to transform the area so it can serve the community better. By adding the hockey rink, a coffee shop, and location to rent bikes and other activities you can do in the park, we create a more inclusive environment. We add activities to complete in the area, and by doing so create a more nature appreciating neighborhood. Currently the space is not being used for anything important, but with this redesign this location can become important to the community once again. Furthermore, the amount of nature has slowly been decreasing in both urban and suburban communities, which creates an even greater need to sustain nature. Along with the issue of decreasing nature, there proves to be a severe lack of nature appreciation locations in the surrounding area, especially one similar to what we are trying to create. We create a summer hot spot by providing rentals for people to appreciate the beauty of the area. We are providing a winter ice hockey rink so people can enjoy the colder months. The new coffee shop would also create a new comfortable hangout for the whole area that would be available all seasons. We decided that the best way to get across our submission was a combination of three things. A map of the area, a CAD of the final properties, and the 3d prints that we created to represents the buildings. We believed that this would be the easiest way to create an understanding of our renovations. The map serves to create a general understanding of the area. The overall CAD allows for a overlook of how the area would be transformed, while the smaller cads show the new buildings to their fullest potential. The 3d prints of the building provide a realistic view of the building, and a better potential understanding for the ending product.