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First Hope by Amulya Jasti

The world around us is getting smaller as we become more self-centered and less self-aware. The time spent under the sun and sky is wavering as we find something new to entertain us every day in the form of liquid crystal displays. Daily activities become so automated and lacking of life that visiting nature has become a unique experience that people buy.The aim of First Hope is to restore a missing vitality in our lives by combining the aspects we cannot bare to miss out on—friends, the internet, and work—with the main element of humanity we have purposely left out: life. This is accomplished in my project by transforming an empty plot of commercial land into a hub that meets the needs and expectations of the community. It will provide an immersion into nature while allowing visitors to extract the enjoyable components of our otherwise monotonous lives.By using technology to create an efficient micro-biome that can last throughout the year, First Hope will be open year-round and will hopefully evade the too well-known sentiments of disagreeable weather. The design of the structure has been created by putting a lot of thought into maintenance and self-sustenance by using everything from climate-controlling entrances to underground irrigation. I hope that this allows the site to become a centerpiece of the community and generate a revived sense of appreciation for the earth we live on.The reason I began this project as a form of art rather than a measured, cut-crease blueprint is because I believe that all true architecture begins with emotions. Whether these emotions are about saving lives or filling with awe, they, not the blueprints, are the foundation of any structure. By using art to depict my design, I am able to bring expressions, experiences, and individuality into my work each time I think of how First Hope could be used in a new way by a new person.Finally, I want to say that First Hope, despite its name, is very close to a last resort. The 'hope' is that this facility can be used to push my community slightly away from what seems like an inevitable descent. There is only so much my generation can contribute until our First Hope becomes a false one.