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Englewood Community Center by Christopher Padilla. Isabelle Dizon, Jonathan Garcia, Jumikah Martinez, Sabrina Hudson, and Kimani Jackson

As many may know, Englewood is currently suffering from a plague of violence that seems to not be able to be stopped as today's youth look up to these acts. However, my submission would directly call to transform both the community and space as children would now have a safe space to congregate after school. This vacant lot could have easily become a fast food restaurant, yet instead became a community center due to its close proximity to the CTA Green Line. Due to this proximity, we chose the community center as people who live a few blocks away and do not have a vehicle to drive may visit the center at ease. Lastly, our chosen medium of a computer-aided model was the best way to present our model as it allows full manipulation between model and viewer, allowing the change of angles, views, etc. Without this medium, our model may have simply been a drawing on a piece of paper, yet by allowing the viewer to explore the structure and its size in comparison to the surrounding neighborhood, it brings a sense of excitement of what is possible with today's technology.