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Dog Park for Service Dogs by Mia Gravina and Bella Starmach

For the space we chose we decided to make a dog park. But, it wouldn't be a regular dog park, it would be a dog park for service dogs and their owners. The reason why the dog park would mainly for service dogs and its owners is because some people who have service dogs might have a hard time going to a regular park because there is usually a lot of people at regular parks who are allergic to dogs, scared of dogs, parents don't want their kids near dogs, or lots of people want to pet the dogs, and it can be overwhelming for the person with the service dog. That's why the park we designed would be useful for people with service dogs and let them have fun and not be worry about things like people having problems with dogs or loosing their dog. And even service dogs need some air and be a regular dog and have fun. Another thing we thought that was important to add was that it would be handicapped accessible and that the blind could access it easier. With large sidewalks,many handicapped parking spaces, signs an audio options, and strong fences to make sure they can have as much fun at the park as their dogs will. We chose to do a 3D digital model to represent our idea because we want to show how we will be using the space and to show how it will be useful for people with service dogs.