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Community Space by Axel Nolasco

The lot I chose is on the Orange Line Western stop although the lot is too large to use in its entirety, but can be used for just about anything as the immediate area is 820,000 sq. ft. and is 1,200 ft. by 600 f. This area is an extremely large space, that has been empty for years, and without a full park, that being a children area, dog park, and a community usable edifice, the space should satisfy the needs of a park walker. The nearby area only has a couple of parks, but no actual equipment for kids, adults or the elderly. There are not any pocket parks, dog parks, community gardens, although the area is not the most well off or the best, every neighborhood needs a diverse park. Many of the parks around Gage Park are areas of flat grass without tracks, age appropriate fitness equipment. This gives the option to quickly travel to the park by use of the train and and a short distance walk to and from the park, to create relations with other people who need to give their pets some exercise, or daily hour of fitness or a casual stroll to clear the mind. I believe Sketch-Up was the best medium as opposed to Revit or other forms of media presentation, in that it allowed for more leniency, creativity; but it also awkwardly placed objects, and incorrect looking objects despite intent.