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CLM (Chicago Land Movie) Logan Square Theatre by Marian Rodriguez, Iliana Hernandez, and Emmanuel Lopez

Our project is in a vacant parking lot that has been empty for years. It is apart of the Logan Square community. We had to come up with an idea of what to do with the parking lot. My community has multiple businesses and buildings that are beneficial for the people here. Ranges from stores to services like Aldi, AT&T and even gas stations. We want something more though, something fun. A place where we can all go to, to hang out with friends and family. An entertainment place seemed like the perfect fit. We right away thought of a movie theatre, especially because people of all ages will be able to go. Some people travel far distances just to go to a good looking movie theatre that provides great services, but that would be over! Our submission specifically responds to the needs of us and our community because it?ll give us the excitement we've been needing. It's a place people will look forward to going to every weekend. A model is the best way to present our submission because it allows others to see our ideas. How can people picture our submission through writing if we could just provide them with something that shows what we're thinking.