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Chicago After School Recreational Center for the Youth by Kenny Robles, Phillip Paloma, Felix Arroyo, and Miguel Garcia

Our submission responds directly to the call to transform a space in our community by having multiple activities from things such as art and music to even sports. Not only does our submission offer sports and arts but it also offers tutoring and food. Being able to add more to the community and its surroundings draws attention of others making surrounding businesses thrive. Our submission specifically responds to the needs of our community by being able to have a library, gaming room, sports room, music and much more to have kids out of the streets and occupied in our building. It also is a place in which both kids and adults can keep themselves active either physically or mentally by participating in the activities offered in our building. A model is the best way to present our submission because it allows our group to show our creativity and is a layout of what our group has been able to accomplish. It also allows us to express what we think the community needs; such as a center for recreational purposes in which the youth can use to an advantage to occupy and enjoy themselves throughout their time spent in the building. Our recreational center is needed in our community because our community doesn't have any nearby libraries or music centers. The purpose of our recreational center is to bring more opportunity to the community in which we decided to incorporate a library, a food court, a basketball and soccer room, a music room, a gaming/art room and a race track.