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Beverly Bicycle Park by Emily Kurylak

The community I live in is known for its diversity, unique historical architecture, and the multiple public parks. Although Beverly boasts many benefits for its residents, there is one demographic that has been neglected, teenagers. Besides a shopping plaza and a few fast food restaurants, teenagers in Beverly have nowhere to be outside and be active. To solve this problem, I propose to transform a small section of the Dan Ryan Woods into a bicycle park. The Dan Ryan Woods is a 257-acre forest preserve with play fields, a sledding hill, and a paved multi-use trail. Although there are activities to participate in inside this forest preserve, a majority of the land is empty and unused which makes this the optimal location to build a park. This bicycle park would simulate real driving situations, including stop lights, street signs, overpasses, roundabouts, etc. The park would be made open to anyone under the age of eighteen and visiting this park would be a fun and educational experience for teenagers learning how to drive. To best represent my vision for this park I believe drawing a birds-eye view diagram of the park would be the best option because it would give a clear overview of the whole park.