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Asian Creation by Meilian Wu

The empty space in my community is a grassland without any tall buildings surrounding the area, which means the area receives plenty of sunlight every day. My idea of building a community garden would use the natural elements, like the sun and the soil, and get fresh vegetables as a result. Chinatown sells Asian vegetables, but you can't guarantee they are always fresh. The garden will be used to grow fresh vegetables the community desires, knowing that no harmful chemicals and pesticide was used. This project will not only put the space to use but also bring the community closer together. For instance, there are many people in the Chinatown neighborhood that have a love for gardening and this will give them a place to gather to share their experiences and passion together. The plots of land can be used during the summer, while the greenhouse is used during the winter time allowing for fresh vegetables year round. This might be a simple idea, but it can make big changes for the lives of those who live in the Chinatown community. I believe this is a low-cost way to transform an empty space without the need for big construction work.

I chose to create a model for my submission because making a 3D model is something that fits my personality better. I had a passion for making crafts for 5 years now and I wanted to incorporate it into my submission. I feel that creating a 3D model is better than a 2D drawing. I have a hard time visualizing 2D art and there is always something that I want a closer look at, but I can't either because the detail is drawn very small or something is blocking the object in the work. 3D artworks are easier for me to visualize and observe the project more closely in clear detail.