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A Place Full of Resources by Jimena Saldana

Walking around my neighborhood you can see an empty space near a school, and this is where I envision my creation to be. My submission responds directly to the call to transform a space in my community because I chose to create a space targeted for the people in my community, and give them a place full of resources. I have created a sketch of the exterior view of buildings and a small blueprint layout of what the insides of what the buildings would look like. My submission responds to the needs of my community because my community does not seem to have a safe place for those who need somewhere safe to stay, a supportive system, and an education help center. In order to obtain these needs, I sketched four different buildings, and a small interior layout for each. Each building offers something different, one building is filled with bedrooms for those who need a home. Another building is filled with activities for the community, such as a gym, a swimming pool, and creative rooms. The other two buildings offer help, one of them being a counseling department, and the other building has tutors that help students outside of school, do their work. I have noticed that my community lacks a lot of help centers, and I wanted to create a place for us to be able to help us get back on the right track. My community is filled with passionate individuals that need an outlet to be capable of moving forward. My chosen medium was to sketch my design on paper. I think this is the best way to show my submission because it allows me to be as specific as I want. Sketching also allows me to create an exterior sketch for the outside of the buildings, and a small blueprint for the layout of the insides of these buildings. This allows others to better understand my design and how it would visually look like. Sketching my idea also lets me label certain parts of my design to pinpoint my community's necessities.