Workshop: Envisioning Community Spaces

Human Scale’s Reimagine Your Public Library workshops are a creative and participatory process that encourages a collaborative design process that reflects on the assets, needs, culture, and identity of communities and neighborhoods that can inform the design of a library. 

Facilitated by Human Scale, participants will learn about the history of libraries and reflect on their personal use of their local libraries. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment and build upon the possibilities of what their public library could look like in their communities. Through individual and collaborative exercises, participants will discover how to reignite a community asset to serve their unique needs.


Human Scale is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of creating functional, beautiful, and meaningful public spaces in historically disinvested neighborhoods. Their work centers around giving community members agency in the design-build process to create unique and long-lasting projects. Since 2017, they've worked in eight neighborhoods throughout Chicago, most of them in the South and West sides of the city.

This workshop is presented in collaboration with Yollocalli Arts Reach, a youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Image courtesy of Human Scale.