Windows to the World

In response to the collision of COVID-19, institutional racism, police brutality, and economic inequality, the Justice Hotel at 6018North has turned into an experimental platform to address justice with its neighbors and visitors. Windows to the World is an outdoor, street-facing exhibition to advance collective solutions to systemic problems. 6019North invites the public and organizations to use their own windows to build a collective dialogue about the change that is needed now.

Curated by a collective of Justice Hotel curators – Wisdom Baty, Ciera McKissick, Caroline K. Ng, Ji Yang, and Su Yeon Lim - Windows to the World features work in 6018North’s windows and exterior spaces by Rohan Ayinde, Jane Georges, Efrat Hakimi, Jiwon Ham, Mashaun Hendricks, Tshab Her, Audra Jacot, Angela Lopez, AJ McClenon, Dorian Sylvain, and Sadie Woods.