Walk In Our Shoes: Youth-Led Urban Design Workshop

Territory is gathering and sharing the lived experiences of young people through two urban design workshops: youth to youth and inter-generational. The workshops focus on how gender, identity, age, geography, hostile architecture, and more impact youth experience in public spaces. This first workshop is a safe space for young people to share their experiences and vision, and the second is a space where their ideas can be heard because it is important for adults to understand and include the experiences of young people.

Each workshop is 90 minutes. Workshop participants will explore urban design issues through conversations and activities to build empathy, reflect on existing conditions, take a stand and propose design solutions. Activities will include small group breakouts, sketching, and jamboards. For active participation, laptops are recommended, and if possible, bring some paper, pens, or pencils.

Territory’s Walk In Our Shoes workshops are presented in partnership with We Will Chicago, a new three-year, citywide planning initiative. Territory sits on the Advisory Committee for We Will, representing youth voice.