Bronzeville Artist Lofts

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Neighborhood: Bronzeville

Address: 436 E 47th St.

Hours to Visit: Saturday 11am-2pm and by appointment; please email

Projects by: Plan Común, SHAU, RIFF Studio LLC, Urban American City and Gensler (Stone Cold Soup)

About the Bronzeville Artist Lofts:

Built in 1906, the Bronzeville Artist Lofts is the adaptive reuse of a vacant and severely distressed century-old building, originally built as a Borden’s Dairy. The building was restored in 2014 and converted to 16 affordable artists' live/workspaces on the second and third floors. Each floor includes gallery spaces for resident use and reclaimed timber seating in the elevator lobbies. The commercial first floor houses a shared artist workshop for residents, a commercial art gallery, as well as and additional tenant space.

Biennial Projects

SouthSide LandNarratives
Urban American City
AIR SUPPORT: A Resilience Hub for Vulnerable Communities
Gensler (Stone Soup Group)
Architecture of Reparations
Riff Studio