Still Life

For the group exhibition “Still Life” at The Franklin, artists explore their personal, geographical, political or fictional relationship to their respective surroundings. Their focus is their direction. Answers from the following prompt: “what is your relationship to your surroundings?”, Each of the artists responses were composed into a text that serves as the statement of this exhibition.

Having a relationship with my surroundings is linked to my sense of being consciously present in one place.

The natural world and all its life force nourishes and enables out planet to survive. We should welcome the embrace as it fosters life on our planet.

I am navigating new surroundings while thinking through a familiar set of old concerns: geography, transience, shifts, slippage, belonging, community, identity, home.

I notice the subtle changes and movements in my surroundings...

"open sky” video still, Kyle Bellucci Johanson, 2021. Image courtesy of The Franklin.