Soil Lab Workshop

Amara Abdal Figueroa of Tierrafiltra (a social and technical project stemming from urgency and material culture in the island of Borikén, Puerto Rico) will guide us into the vast world of relating to the ground. Participants will learn about the properties of clay and experience the physical nature of clay through play, experimentation & intuition. Soils turn into calculated recipes to further understand clay properties: shrinkage, durability, density. An exercise of clay proportions, water saturation, touch… an exercise of collective care and clay masks. From a mineral we walk on to a substance between our fingers and on our skin, clay cleans water and exfoliates our cells. What do we feel? We are all earth.

This program will take place on the Soil Lab site - 1310 S. Pulaski, Chicago.

Image courtesy of Soil Lab.