CCA Academy PermaPark

Neighborhood: North Lawndale

Site Address: 1320-1332 South Pulaski Rd

Hours to Visit: The park is open 7 days a week dawn to dusk.

Project by: The Bittertang Farm

About the PermaPark:

In 2003, CCA Academy began a Wellness Program to increase the awareness of the impact of unhealthy eating, the lack of physical activity, and obesity. This evolved into the CCA urban agriculture/ecology theme that integrates learning with real world experiences utilizing two urban gardens, a greenhouse, a bioswale, four beehives, and a 1200 gallon aquaponics system. These unique, personalized learning opportunities allow students to develop the skills needed to earn their high school diploma, create lifelong learning opportunities, and pathways for careers. 

For the past three years, CCA has been developing a permaculture food forest, PermaPark, on six vacant lots at 1320 -1332 South Pulaski Road. PermaPark brings fruit and produce to the community, provides a safe green space, and brings people together – allowing us to nourish one another as we take care of the earth.

About CCA Academy:

CCA Academy is a community-based high school founded in 1978. It is a Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS) located in Chicago’s North Lawndale Community. CCA Academy provides students, ages 16-21, who have completed eighth grade with a second chance to earn a high school diploma through a rigorous educational program, extracurricular activities, and supportive services that prepare students with the academic, social, and life skills to enroll in higher education, vocational training, or seek gainful employment. CCA Academy's mission is to create lifelong learners.