InDialogue: Office for Urban Experiments (oux)

Join us at the CAB Studio for a closing conversation with Office for Urban Experiments (oux) to explore the exhibition Pullman: Conscious Revitalization of the Overlooked.

Architect, Armel Sagbohan, along with team members—Ekaterina Bystrova, Hayley Robbins, Daria DeWolf—will discuss the future and evolution of the project and their work in Pullman. 


Armel Sagbohan is the founder of the Office for Urban Experiments (oux), a practice that seeks to illuminate underrepresented spaces and propose new designs tailored to the specific location. Through documentation and design, he strives to bring attention to traditionally overlooked neighborhoods. He is also an educator at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he teaches in the undergraduate program at the College of Architecture.

Ekaterina Bystrova is a current 4th-year architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is also studying for a Master's in Construction Management. Kate brings her interest in psychology and object-human relationships to each project she participates in.

Daria DeWolf is a 4th-year architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology interested in the relationship between architectural forms and the user's haptic experiences within. Daria’s interest in architecture stemmed from an interest in the visual arts and is heavily influenced by nature. She incorporates these passions into her architectural approach.

Hayley Robbins is in her fourth year of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is particularly interested in sustainable and affordable design. In addition to her architectural pursuits, she also is heavily involved in theatre where she brings her talents and skill in architecture to designing and building sets while also directing and performing in plays and musicals. 

Pullman: Conscious Revitalization of the Overlooked, Armel Sagbohan, 2022, CAB Studio. Image: Nathan Keay.