Feminist Mentorship: A Conversation between Maria Gaspar and Nicole Marroquin

Chicago-based artists Maria Gaspar and Nicole Marroquin engage in a conversation about their feminist mentoring throughout their carreer, highlighting their experiences and needs for mentoring. Gaspar and Marroquin discuss their gratitude and challenges of women’s leadership, focusing primarily on their roles as female artists and educators. How do we, they ask, set the ground for younger generations of Latinx artists? Both Gaspar and Marroquin are featured in DPAM’s upcoming exhibition LatinXAmerican opening January 7, 2021. Maria Gaspar is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses issues of spatial justice in order to amplify, mobilize, or divert structures of power through individual and collective gestures. Through installation, sculpture, sound, and performance, Gaspar's practice situates itself within historically marginalized sites and spans multiple formats, scales, and durations to produce liberatory actions. Nicole Marroquin is a teacher educator and artist whose work explores belonging and spatial justice. She researches student uprisings in Chicago Public Schools between 1967-74, with the goal of recuperating the history of youth and women’s leadership in the struggle for justice.