Chicago Design Summit: The Future Real Conditional

The Summit serves as a catalyst for collaboration and partnership by offering a platform for participants to share and respond to ideas related to the upcoming CAB 5 titled, This is a Rehearsal. Led by the CAB 5 artistic team, Floating Museum.

Ideas explored during the Summit—such as rehearsing critique, production, and relations—ask us to consider how we might rehearse new design approaches to collectively address emerging conversations about the contradictions between the concrete realities of our lives and environments and the narratives we construct.  

Can we reconcile, embrace, or navigate these contradictions by rehearsing new processes for architectural and urbanistic production? How do we develop new programs and environments for attuning collective relations? And what feedback loops can we establish to inform critiques of the systems that shape our personal, interpersonal, and cultural experiences?

Please note that although the program is free and open to the public, registration is required. Full program is outlined below:

Introduction by the Floating Museum (10:30 am)

Session 1: Rehearsing Critique (11:00 am)

Considering rehearsal as a practice of systemic and structural critique to establish a duty and standard of care as a prerequisite to performative, political, organizational, or environmental engagements or actions. 


Ionit Behar, Associate Curator at DePaul Art Museum (Chicago)

Andrea Carlson, Artist (Chicago)

Ibrahim Mahama, Artist (Tamale, Ghana) 

Anjulie Rao, Journalist (Chicago)

Florencia Rodriguez, Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture (Chicago)

Facilitated by: 

Kerry Cardoza, Journalist (Chicago)


Session 2: Rehearsing Relations (1:30 pm)

Considering rehearsal as a practice of individual and collective attunement to build organizational power through mutual understanding.


Jha D Amazi, Principal, Director of the Public Memory and Memorials Lab, MASS. (Boston)

Skyla Hearn, Co-Founder of The Blackivists (Chicago)

Erin Harkey, Commissioner, Department of Cultural Events and Special Affairs (Chicago)

Asad Jafri, Cultural Producer/Artist (Chicago)

Ujijji Davis Williams, Founder of JIMA Studio, Landscape Architect (Detroit)

Facilitated by

Megha Ralapati, Program Director, Fellowships, CEC ArtsLink (Chicago)


Session 3: Rehearsing Production (3:15 pm)

Considering rehearsal as a practice of production through improvisation, speculation, and iterative development in response to social and climatic change.


Meida Teresa McNeal, Artistic & Managing Director of Honey Pot Performance (Chicago)

Dan Peterman, Artist / Founder Experimental Station, (Chicago)

Vyjayanthi Venuturupalli Rao, Anthropologist (New York)

Chris Reed, Founding principal of Stoss, Landscape Architect (Cambridge)

Feda Wardak, Co-founder and Director of Aman Iwan (Paris, France)

Facilitated by: 

Karla Sierralta, and Brian Strawn, co-founders, Strawn Sierralta (Hawai’i)

Performance:  translator.05 [joy] 

Floating Museum’s avery r. young is joined by artist Monica Rickert-Bolter to remix of their performance of translator.05 [joy] from Floating Museum’s Translator collaborative performance series.

As part of Floating Museum’s Critical Distance series, Translator performers from a range of backgrounds, including music, dance, and alternative performance, were invited to respond to sites, art objects, poems, and more to collaboratively create a sequence of place-based performances

The Summit is made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and Graham Foundation.