Beyond The Biennial

Panelists | Tizziana Baldenebro (SPACES) (SAIC MArch 2019), Lauren Leving (MOCA Cleveland), Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford (Floating Museum), Faheem Majeed (Floating Museum), Andrew Schachman (Floating Museum) (SAIC Lecturer), avery r. young (Floating Museum). 

Join Tizziana Baldenebro (Executive Director, SPACES) and Lauren Leving (Curator, MOCA Cleveland), curators of the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale’s US Pavilion alongside members of the Floating Museum, 2023 Artistic Team of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, for a preview of their upcoming presentations in Venice and Chicago. Beyond the Biennial will take stock of the expanding phenomenon of biennials as a platform in themselves. The conversation will explore the potential of thinking about what could happen if coordinating biennials across national boundaries can trace the way common concerns find local expression. Panelists will also consider how these presentations can operate more as laboratories than finalized exhibitions, and how this knowledge sharing is maintained in a new location after it is initially shared. 

This panel is presented in partnership with the Chicago Architectural Biennial and SPACES. 

Floating Museum, Founders, 2019. Photo by Eric Perez.