Audible gallery: The Roedelius Cells

The Roedelius Cells is a multi-channel audio installation created by Grammy-nominated US composer/sound artist Tim Story, constructed from thousands of short extracts culled from a decade of informal piano recordings made with friend and colleague Hans-Joachim Roedelius. 

Short, repeating layers – consisting of thousands of fragments, each often just a second or two in duration – create a complex, syncopated interplay.

To extend the process of ‘re-composition’ to participants, Story incorporates a playback system that divides the individual layers of each piece discretely amongst eight speakers. The Roedelius Cells surrender their cohesion and re-coalesce in unique and unrepeatable ways for each individual participant as they explore the soundstage.

Challenging ideas of authorship, appropriation and composition, The Roedelius Cells blurs distinctions between composer and listener, and slyly subverts assumptions of what piano music can be.