Animate Architecture: Episode 2 "The Troublesome Threshold"

Animate Architecture is a virtual video screening that brings together architecture, puppet theater, and video art. Each of the 3 episodes features a puppet performance or animation that propels familiar architectural “characters” (including stairs, thresholds, and roofs) into lively locomotion. These episodes will premiere on September 10th, October 8th, and November 19th. A talkback discussion with series creators Could Be Architecture (Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison) follows each performance, inviting at-home audiences to unpack architectural lessons and to engage in a hands-on making activity to join in the fun. 

Episode 2, “The Troublesome Threshold” relays the saga of walls with curious door and window-like openings that aren’t quite configured for travelers to effortlessly pass through.

Downloadable print-out materials are linked here for at-home model-making participation.