Animate Architecture: Episode 3, "The Radiant Roof"

Animate Architecture is a virtual video series that brings together architecture, puppet theater, and video art. Each of the 3 episodes features a puppet performance or animation that propels familiar architectural “characters” (including stairs, thresholds, and roofs) into lively locomotion. A talkback discussion with series creators Could Be Architecture (Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison) follows each performance, inviting at-home audiences to unpack architectural lessons and to engage in a hands-on making activity to join in the fun. Episodes premiere at on September 10th, October 8th, and November 19th.

Episode 3: “The Radiant Roof” recounts a day in the life of a Roof with a conspicuous hole that allows light, air, and precipitation to shower into the interior beneath while projecting shadows that dance on the floor to help tell its story.

Downloadable printable materials are linked here for at-home model-making participation.

Image by Could Be Architecture with Lizi Breit.