studio chahar

Studio Chahar is a nomadic architectural design practice that believes buildings shape the discourse of the built environment – not merely as physical objects, but as spaces that evolve with the community. Chahar actively engages in work that fosters an equitable, innovative, and socially and culturally responsible impact on the environment by engaging the community at every stage of the design and building process. The word "chahar" means “four” in Farsi. In Iranian architectural terminology, “chahar” refers to the spaces where the four cardinal directions meet, such as “chaharsoo,” the center of the bazaar, where the exchange of knowledge and expertise takes place. Studio Chahar approaches design challenges by embracing the fluidity of interdisciplinary teamwork and cultural exchange, while envisioning the future transformation of maker culture through a focus on regional architectural craft processes. Founded by Yasaman Esmaili, Studio Chahar has collaborated on projects in the United States, Afghanistan, Niger, and Iran.

Past Works

Hikma, 2018. Image by: James Wang.

Hikma, 2018. Image by: James Wang.

Hikma Mosque Entry, 2018. Image by: James Wang.