Stoss Landscape Urbanism

STOSS is an innovative design practice driven by a mission to make positive change in cities, across the planet, and in people’s daily lives with landscape as the tool. STOSS designs landscapes and social spaces that foster resiliency, vitality, social equity, and environmental health. Since its founding in 2001, the studio has worked on complicated sites from flooding waterfronts and neglected brownfields to underserved neighborhoods and sites of cultural significance – museums, institutions, campuses, and design exhibitions and festivals. Whether designing a complex coastal resiliency plan, public park, or temporary installation, the studio grounds design in research, and seeks to transform people’s experiences with new applications for technologies, infrastructure and ecology. Through deep research and robust public engagement about the historical context and culture of each site, STOSS creates public spaces that resonate uniquely with their public and their place, encouraging new use and attentive care. As a practice, STOSS asks questions about who and what design is for: imagining new possibilities, creating value, and providing beauty in everyday moments. The firm’s efforts have garnered numerous awards from both peers and the public including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award, the Topos International Landscape Award, and two Progressive Architecture Awards.

Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Past Works

Gerstacker Grove, 2015. Millicent Harvey.

Moakley Park, 2021. Stoss.

Stock-Pile, 2009. Stoss.