Roy Kinsey

Roy Kinsey is an anomaly when it comes to tradition in his respective industries. Roy Kinsey is a black, queer-identified, rapper and librarian. Kinsey’s non-conformist ideology has informed his sixth album, KINSEY: A Memoir, which he proclaims as his best work yet. Following the still-poignant Blackie: A Story by Roy Kinsey, KINSEY: A Memoir, captures a sinister yet sincere and potent musical performance. In the album, Kinsey reflects on his early traumas that threatened to debilitate his belief in himself and his family’s abilities. It is the manifestation of a queer man, in a black body, coming of age in Chicago.Chicago-born and raised, Roy Kinsey is a librarian for Chicago Public Libraries.

Past Works

Kinsey A Memoir by Roy Kinsey Album Cover, 2020

Blackie A Story by Roy Kinsey Album Art, 2018