Norman Teague is a Chicago-based designer and educator who focuses on projects and pedagogy that address the complexity of urbanism and the history of communities. Specializing in custom furniture that delivers a personal touch and unique aesthetic detail, Teague's past projects have included consumer products, public sculpture, performances, and specially designed retail spaces. He works with common, locally sourced building materials and local fabricators to create objects and spaces that explore simplicity, honesty, and cleverness that relates to the culture of the client and/or community.
Pastor Corey B Brooks Sr. is a businessman, a philanthropist, a mentor, visionary, and founder of New Beginnings Church of Chicago, an urban, non-denominational inner-city church on Chicago’s south side (currently welcoming over 2000 members). Affectionately known as the HOODologist for leading impactful community efforts to address the educational, economic, social, and spiritual ills that burden inner-city communities, Pastor Brooks has made national and international news for his unconventional, yet effective stance against the senseless killings of young people by gun violence.
Negin Moayer is a licensed architect, design director, and founder of BNMO Design. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and has been living and working in Chicago since 2006. Moayer has worked on large national and international projects architectural design firms, such as Perkins+Will, Chicago, and HGA, Milwaukee. In 2015 she founded BNMO Design. Moayer’s vision is to create a holistic approach to promoting inclusiveness in the context of the built environment, including buildings that adapt and are resilient to climatic challenges.

Past Works