Norman Teague Design Studios / Tonika Johnson / Max Davis / Ernest Wong Mejay Gula / Tanner Woodford

Led by designer and educator Norman Teague, an acclaimed collective of artists, designers, and community activists speculates on plastic politics, wire mesh architecture, and recycling. Teague’s projects and pedagogies address the systematic complexity of urbanism. Collective team member Max Davis grew up in Oyster Bay, NY before moving to Chicago’s south side where he started several successful businesses that are inherently inclusive; Mejay Gula applies her knowledge of design and construction to ongoing building projects as architect of record at site design group; Tonika Johnson, creator of the Folded Map Project, is a photographer, social justice artist, and life-long resident of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood; Ernest Wong is the founding principal of site design group and has been instrumental in the success of the landscape architecture profession; and Tanner Woodford is founder and executive director of the Design Museum of Chicago, where he produces exhibitions, events, and projects. Norman Teague is an African American social practice artist, designer, furniture maker, and an assistant professor at University of Illinois Chicago School of Design. He is a Chicago based designer and educator focused on projects and pedagogy that address the systematic complexity of urbanism and the culture of communities.

Past Works

Folded Map Project, 2018. Image by: Tonika Johnson.

Back Alley Jazz, 2018. Image by: Marc Monaghan.

Design Museum Of Chicago, 2023.