Limbo Accra

Limbo Accra is a fresh-thinking, architecture-infused spatial design practice founded in 2018 by Dominique Petit-Frere and Emil Grip in Accra, Ghana. Much of their work emerges from research and interdisciplinary design projects, rooted in the experimentation with the aesthetic and cultural significance of unfinished, decayed concrete structures in West African cities. Their work is motivated by inclusivity, otherness, and future. They frequently work with other creative disciplines to develop innovative and intuitive approaches for exploring interesting design opportunities. Limbo Accra is inspired by the future of African cities and aims to develop an architectural expression for Accra, Ghana, and the wider continent through urban research, installations, and product-oriented design.

Limbo Accra has recently been awarded a research grant from the Henrik F. Obel Foundation and the 2022 Monocle Design Award, Instagram and Brooklyn Museum’s 2022 Black Visionary Design Award, 2022 A-Cold-Wall Black Designers Fund, and was shortlisted for the 2022 Rolex Arts and Protege Initiative as well as the 2022 Hublot Design Award.

Dominique Petit-Frere (b. New York City, 1993) is the co-founder of Limbo Accra, a spatial design practice founded in 2018 in Accra, Ghana. She is a researcher and design strategist working in collaboration with architects, designers, and artists by connecting with places, institutions, and people through long-term, transdisciplinary networks. PIRG LIME [emil grip] (b. Copenhagen, 1992) is a multi-disciplinary spatial maker. His work focuses on framing and contextualizing the otherwise unseen, unwanted, and unimagined.

Past Works

Freedom Skatepark, Ghana, 2021

Adjiringanor Activation, Ghana, 2018_