Feda Wardak

Feda Wardak is a French-Afghan artist, architect-builder, and independent researcher whose work focuses on the impact of imperialist and liberal dynamics on inhabited environments. He is interested in the effects of war in the Afghan tribal areas, the demolition of social housing neighborhoods in the suburbs of Paris, water management policies worldwide, as well as the consequences of extractivism on landscapes and life. Through his artistic works, he unveils the violence that affects these landscapes, revealing the systemic and unseen forms of violence that gradually contribute to the pollution, transformation, and ultimately, the disappearance of entire ecosystems. Confronted with these critical situations, Wardak discerns between what is deemed "fair" and what is considered "legal.” He defends his artistic creations as instruments of jurisprudence that seek to challenge and reform the existing legal framework.He expresses his artistic vision through various media, including monumental landscape pieces, films, choreographic performances, and the creation of new spacesIn 2015, Wardak graduated with a degree in architecture from ENSA Paris-Belleville, where he currently teaches. His work has been presented in biennials including Venice, Dhaka, Lagos, and exhibitions in Paris, Geneva, Dunkirk, and Afghanistan, although his most meaningful creations have been presented in the public space. Wardak lives and works in Paris.

Past Works

When water tells gravity, 2022. Image by: Feda Wardak

Below the forest, 2021. Image by: Feda Wardak

Below the forest, 2021. Image by: Feda Wardak