Enlace Arquitectura + Ciudad Laboratorio

Enlace Foundation is a non-government organization that engages participatory design processes and awareness building cultural programs. It builds on the work of Enlace Arquitectura and the research developed to advance the integration of barrios. CABA: Cartography of the Caracas Barrios 1966–2014, a publication by the organization, maps the evolution of the city’s spontaneous settlement growth over a fifty-year period and represents an important step toward recognizing the barrio as part of the city. Enlace has also built public spaces with communities. A compilation of such significant public space projects in Latin America was published in Pure Space: Expanding the Public Sphere through Public Space Transformations in Latin American Spontaneous Settlements. Their work has been supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts, the United States Embassy, the Swiss Embassy, the French Embassy in Venezuela, and Across Design. Ciudad Laboratorio is a transdisciplinary team that seeks and promotes the idea of an integrated, sustainable, and safe city— through social, urban, environmental and, economic variables—by creating opportunities for reflection, research, and action. Representing a platform for advocacy and transformation, it is able to enact efforts with schools, communities, public entities, private initiatives, and other social organizations. Since 2018, Enlace Foundation and Ciudad Laboratorio have worked together with the community of the barrio La Palomera in Caracas on the project Integration Process Caracas, which will be presented at the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice 2021. This project continues beyond the exhibition in the form of the Center for Art and Culture in the Casa de Todos Annex.
Courtesy of Enlace Arquitectura + Cuidad Laboratorio

Past Works