Anupama Kundoo Atelier GmbH

Anupama Kundoo Atelier's work begins with and remains close to the deep human need for purpose, refuge, and social engagement. It speaks through details that foster intimacy and variety, sensory and spatial. It is where makers engage with hand and mind to produce objects they are proud of, where they transform simple materials with care and intelligence into purposeful structures, where they are challenged to do more with less, and where they routinely exceed all expectations including their own.

Kundoo's work is about the innovation and socio-economic abundance that results from research and investment in materials and building techniques. The act of building produces knowledge just as much as the resulting knowledge produces buildings. Each lesson learned and each incremental improvement drives micro-decisions that, over time, produce the disproportionate and cumulative increases that we call abundance.

The future is unknowable, human needs change, and the facts on the ground rarely cooperate with intentions on paper. For these reasons, I prefer fluidity and imprecision over prescriptive purity. Makers and users are invited to adapt creatively in service of themselves and their communities.

Image courtesy of Anupama Kundoo

Past Works

Volontariat, 2000

S.A.W.C.H.U., 2000

Full Fill Homes, 2015

Wall House, 2000