Ana Miljački (Critical Broadcasting Lab at MIT)

Ana Miljački is a critic, curator, and Associate Professor of Architecture at MIT. Her scholarly, curatorial, and pedagogical work focuses on the relationship between politics and the products and circumstances of architectural labor. She was part of the three-member curatorial team, with Eva Franch i Gilabert and Ashley Schafer, for the US Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Their project OfficeUS critically examined the last century of US architects’ global contribution. In 2018, Miljački launched Critical Broadcasting Lab at MIT. Sharing Trainers, a work produced as part of Critical Broadcasting Lab, was included in the São Paulo Architecture Biennale in the fall of 2019. The lab also presented the work of the option studio it hosted, Collective Architecture Studio, at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in the fall of 2019 as well as mounting the exhibition Play Room at MIT in the spring of 2020. Since the Fall of 2019, Critical Broadcasting Lab has been hosting the Conversations of Care series on MIT’s WAWD? Radio. Miljački is the author of The Optimum Imperative: Czech Architecture for the Socialist Lifestyle 1938-1968; co-editor of the OfficeUS series of books; guest editor of Praxis 14: True Stories; and editor of Terms of Appropriation: Modern Architecture and Global Exchange with Amanda Reeser Lawrence. Miljacki edited the December 2019 rerelease of Under the Influence—a publication based on the eponymous symposium proceedings presented by the MIT Department of Architecture.
Courtesy of Ana Miljacki