Amy Kulper is the director of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London where she is a professor of architecture. She is an architect, theorist, and curator whose teaching and research focus on the intersections of history, theory, and criticism with design. Her current design research explores the politics of space through the lens of presentism. Her work has been published in journals such as Log, ARQ, The Journal of Architecture, Architecture and Culture, and she has co-curated exhibitions at the Carnegie-Mellon Museum and Roca London Gallery.

PROPS SUPPLY is a multi-hyphenate creative team working across architecture, art, and design, helmed by Lucy Siyao Liu (she/they) and Matthew Bohne. Established in 2021, they specialize in storytelling, spatial experiences, and world building for collectives and like-minded individuals. Their work has been published and exhibited internationally in places like the Architectural Review, Dallas Museum of Art, Documenta, Moderna Museet, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, and Beijing Design Week.

Together, Amy Kulper and PROPS SUPPLY are collaborators on Accoutrorama, a portmanteau of accouterments and diorama, examining the racial violence at the heart of the Capitol Insurrection, and the role that architecture, and more broadly, the politics of space, played in the events that unfolded that day.

Image Courtesy of Amy Kulper

Past Works

January 6 Index, 2022

A Day in the life of the U.S. Capitol Building Figure 1, 2022

A Day in the life of the U.S. Capitol Building Figure 4, 2022