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Zorka Wollny

"Impossible Opera", Oldenburg, 2017. Photo: Dirk Lindes
Zorka Wollny is an interdisciplinary artist who directs and choreographs performativeworks in collaboration with musicians, actors, dancers, and community members.Operating at the intersection of visual art, theater, activism, and contemporary music, herprojects often explore the voice and body as tools of expression and public debate andrespond directly to the histories and functions of specific architectural sites. She hasstaged performances in museums, factories, and empty buildings. Her works have beenpresented worldwide, including at De Appel, Amsterdam; Heroines of Sound Festival,Berlin; International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York; Edith-Russ-Haus fürMedienkunst, Oldenburg, Germany; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Jazz andExperimental Music Festival, Istanbul; Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Galerie fürZeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; Savvy Contemporary, Berlin; Museum of ContemporaryArt, Belgrade; Royal College of Art, London; and the 4th World Social Forum, Mumbai.

Born 1980, Kraków, Poland; lives and works in Berlin, Germany
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