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Informed by the colonial history of their home in Cape Town, Heinrich and Ilze Wolff established their eponymous architecture firm as a vehicle for addressing social inequities as well as the erasure of indigenous landscapes and narratives. While spatial design is at the heart of its activities, the firm distinguishes itself through its reliance on a diverse set of employees and collaborators—including photographers, artists, filmmakers, and writers—and an expansive practice that encompasses social justice advocacy, research and scholarship, and conceptual art. Wolff bolsters its practical design business with consultancy services, an in-studio art gallery, a publication, and site-specific artistic interventions, all of which emphasize innovation and social engagement, blurring the lines between design, art, and activism. The firm’s recent honors include a South African Institute of Architects National Award of Merit, a South African Property Owners’ Association Innovation Award, and a Social Habitat prize at the Pan-American Architecture Biennial, Quito, Ecuador.

Established 2012, Cape Town, South Africa