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Usina-CTAH provides leadership, advice, training, and support to community-led dwelling movements across São Paulo and throughout Brazil, generating momentum for projects that sustainably serve the people in the affected areas. Diverging from traditional approaches to real estate development, Usina-CTAH draws on the expertise of its diverse members to guide and professionalize efforts by people who traditionally are excluded from decision-making around policy and planning. Whether collaborating on renewal of urban slums or new construction of rural settlements, Usina-CTAH focuses on innovative uses of space driven by the needs of those who use it. The organization’s outreach includes political activism and advocacy, administration of topical workshops and seminars, development of strategic partnerships, and technical support. Its goal is to empower the people at the heart of each project so they become informed participants and advocates for their interests, helping to ensure sustainable development of both residential and public spaces.

Established 1990, São Paulo, Brazil