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Léopold Lambert. Courtesy The Funambulist
Margarida Nzuzi Waco. Courtesy The Funambulist
Nadia El Hakim. Courtesy The Funambulist
Courtesy The Funambulist
The Funambulist is a print and online magazine dedicated to the politics of space and bodies. Every two months it proposes spatial perspectives on political, anticolonial, antiracist, queer, feminist, and/or anti-ableist struggles. It was initiated as an editorial project of the existing Funambulist blog and podcast. The production team currently comprises Léopold Lambert, Nadia El Hakim, Margarida Nzuzi Waco, and Carol Que. Lambert is a trained architect, a writer, and the founding editor of the Funambulist; his research focuses on the examination of the political violence enacted by architecture as the discipline that organizes bodies in space. El Hakim is an architect and exhibition designer researching mutations of the design process in the context of economic and political crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Waco is a business strategist mediating the intersection of publishing and architecture. Que is the magazine’s copy editor as well as a writer, researcher, and educator. The Funambulist has received four Graham Foundation grants.

Established 2015, Paris, France