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Santiago X


Courtesy Santiago X

Santiago X is a multidisiplinary artist who specializes in land art and architecturaland new media installations. He is an enrolled member of the Coushatta Tribe ofLouisiana (Koasati) and Indigenous Chamorro from the Island of Guam(Hacha’Maori). His work explores human interaction with the built environment,history, technology, and constructed notions of order in a world of chaos. Heoften synthesizes old and new forms that test the boundaries between art andartifact. As a self-described Indigenous Futurist, he believes art can becomesomething sacred that embodies life through a multiplicity of being. Currently,Santiago X is reinvigorating indigenous mound-building via two public earthworkinstallations along the Chicago and Des Plaines Rivers. This project marks thefirst time effigy earthworks will be constructed by Indigenous peoples in NorthAmerica since the founding of the United States. Santiago X has exhibitedinternationally, including at Expo 2010 Shanghai, the Venice Biennale, and ArsElectronica in Linz, Austria.

Born 1982, Phoenix, USA; lives and works in Chicago, USA

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