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Joar Nango

Courtesy Joar Nango

Joar Nango works with site-specific installations and self-made publications that explore the boundary between architecture, design, and visual art. Thematically speaking, his work relates to questions of indigenous identity, often through investigating oppositions and contradictions in contemporary architecture. Nango has explored modern Sámi spaces through a self-published zine series entitled Sámi Huksendáidda: the Fanzine, the design project Sámi Shelters, and the mixtape/clothing project Land & Language. He is a founding member of the architecture collective FFB, which works with temporary installations in urban contexts. Nango’s works have been exhibited in documenta 14, as well as at 161 Gallon Gallery and Gallery Deluxe Gallery in Halifax, Galerie SAW Gallery in Ottawa, and at Western Front in Vancouver. He is currently involved in setting up a network of Sámi architects across Sápmi through the ongoing indigenous architecture lab Girjegumpi.

Born 1979, Áltá, Norway; lives and works in Áltá, Norway