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FICA–Fundo Imobiliário Comunitário para Aluguel

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In 2015 a group of professionals and activists in São Paulo decided to take action to confront gentrification, segregation, and evictions in large Brazilian cities. The result was FICA, or Fundo Imobiliário Comunitário para Aluguel (Community Rental Real Estate Fund), a nonprofit organization that is pioneering the implementation of social ownership in Brazil. FICA works on three fronts: acquiring, refurbishing, and renting apartments to low-income families at accessible rates; promoting public policies that take into account community ownership and social rent; and developing events and research to debate and structure public action toward a more equal city. FICA has organized talks and seminars on alternative ownership and rental models and has promoted hands-on design and carpentry workshops for a wide audience, including students and residents of social housing. FICA raises funds through crowdfunding and is now working to expand its common-property model to encompass other uses, such as sustainable agriculture.

FICA invites you to participate in this project by contributing to its crowdfunding efforts to purchase an additional apartment in São Paulo, guaranteeing that it remains affordable. To learn more and make a donation, access

Established 2015, São Paulo, Brazil