Our Work

Beyond the City: The South American Hinterland in the Soils of the 21st Century, Somatic Collaborative | © Chicago Architecture Biennial / Tom Harris, 2019
Tribune Tower, 6a architects | © Chicago Architecture Biennial / Tom Harris, 2017
We Know How to Order, Bryony Roberts in collaboration with South Shore Drill Team | © Chicago Architecture Biennial / Andrew Bruah, 2015

The Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an international forum on architecture and urbanism. Through exhibitions and programs, CAB advances architectural innovation and thinking by engaging practitioners, students, and the public to re-imagine the built world both globally and locally. CAB is committed to envisioning a future for architecture that is community-driven, sustainable, and equitable.

The signature program of the Chicago Architecture Biennial stands as North America’s largest international survey of contemporary architecture and takes place every two years at the Chicago Cultural Center and sites across the city. CAB has hosted three editions since its founding. 

...and other such stories | 2019
Graham Foundation Artistic Director: Yesomi Umolu
Co-Curators: Sepake Angiama and Paulo Tavares
...and other such stories traced narratives originating from its home city of Chicago and revealing connections between various practices and the questions they raise across global communities, cities, territories, and ecologies. The 2019 edition featured 85 contributors from 25 countries and 58 cities. 

Make New History | 2017
Artistic Directors: Johnston Marklee
Make New History united a main exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center with a selection of off-site projects, a broad range of aligned exhibitions, and an extensive series of programming for the public. Whether taking the form of drawings, installations, environments, or performances, projects reflected the ongoing significance of the past, and the myriad ways that history is invoked in the production of new forms of architectural thought.

The State of the Art of Architecture | 2015
Artistic Directors: Joseph Grima & Sarah Herda
The State of the Art of Architecture positioned architecture as a dynamic cultural practice that permeates fundamental registers of everyday life—from housing to education, from environmental awareness to economic growth, from local communities to global networks.The inaugural edition took its title from a 1977 conference organized by architect Stanley Tigerman, which invited leading American designers to Chicago to discuss the current state of the field.