Rare Earth: A Speakeasy of Sound and Images
September 22 - November 10, 2017

Organized by Theaster Gates, Rare Earth invites the viewer to experience chance arrangements and discover new correlations between built environments from around the world. The exhibition mines a broad survey of architectural and design images from Rebuild Foundation’s collections. Using roulette projections of 35mm slides and film, and accompanied by live performances by Chicago-based sound artists, image and sound combine into a score that offers a poetic imagining of the speculative city. Special tours can be requested by emailing Nikki Patin at npatin@uchicago.edu.

Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP) Pavillion
September 29 - November 3, 2017

The University of Chicago's Arts + Public Life initiative hosts an outdoor pavilion built by Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP) students in collaboration with local artists. The pavilion serves as a site for weekly music and sound performances. DAP is a design-based mentorship and skills building initiative that encourages teens and young adults to invest in the improvement of the physical and social conditions of their community. By developing skills in carpentry, landscaping, and design, DAP leaders will aid in the positive transformation of Washington Park, Woodlawn and the Garfield Boulevard corridor.

The Arts Incubator Gallery has also been transformed into an architecture and design library for young people, with local schools and youth organizations invited for visits.


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