Ljubljana, Slovenia

SADAR+VUGA was founded by Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga in Ljubljana in 1996. Over nearly two decades it has focused on open, innovative, and integral architectural design and urban planning. The office has been driven by a quest for quality. They carry a strong belief that forward-leaping architectural production contributes to our well-being, and generates a sensitive and responsive development of the physical context we live in—broadening our imagination and stimulating our senses.

Their portfolio of built work ranges from innovative town planning to public space sculpture, from interactive new public buildings to interventions within older existing structures. Their client base reflects their diversity of built and project experience: ranging from Municipal Councils and Central Government to encompass national and private arts bodies and multinationals to the best developers in Slovenia and abroad.

SADAR + VUGA, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1996 - 1999