Brandlhuber and Christopher Roth

Berlin, Germany

Brandlhuber+ is a collaborative architecture practice based in Berlin. 

It was founded by Arno Brandlhuber in 2006. He works as an architect and urban planner. Aside from his building practice—including Haus Brunnenstrasse 9 (Berlin, 2009) and Antivilla (Krampnitz, 2014)—he is researching the spatial production of the Berlin Republic, including numerous exhibitions and publications, aiming to examine the interplay of Berlin’s history, legislation, and the built.

Together with Christopher Roth, he is currently working on the film project for Legislating Architecture.  

Christopher Roth works as an artist and director. His practice may be best understood as a proactive intellectual scholarship combining the factual and fictitious with both analytic and poetic qualities. Roth’s work seeks to understand how information, words, pictures, and ideas are received, travel, and are mediated at a constantly accelerating pace. His work has been included in several exhibitions and congresses around the world.

Arno Brandlhuber + Christopher Roth, Film Still from Legislating Architecture, 2016. © Arno Brandlhuber + Christopher Roth